Covid-19 Updates

A Culture Of Safety. The Perk Is Peace Of Mind

We are happy to set the vibe, especially where your safety is concerned.

So if health concerns are disrupting your vibe, you’re not alone. You can still get the full experience. At JetLife Vacations Travel Agency (J.V.T.A), we honor a safety-first strategy. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 in all countries that we operate within. Our professionally curated group tours are offered where the conditions are safest.

Of course, the pandemic is ever-changing, and you are allowed to alter your mind about your traveling preferences. The J.V.T.A experience offers real-time updates, alerts and reminders to ensure that all your needs are met. Once you book, we’ll manage the rest. Simply download our app and begin the countdown to your next getaway.

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You won’t have to travel across the world without the security of our professional staff that is hands-on and on the ground to support you. If you’re not ready to travel, perhaps you’re still on the fence, we get it. In the meantime, check out our latest musings about the power of travel which is guaranteed to inspire!

Our new safety protocols and elevated practices are as follows:

We’ve established the following health and sanitization guidelines for group tours.

Covid 19 Travel Guidelines

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Covid-19 Negative Report

Covid-19 Negative Report within 72 hours before the commencement of travel time is mandatory for all the travelers. Traveling will not be allowed if the report is not submitted in due time as per the guidance of the concerned authorities. Jet Life Vacations realize the challenges but adhering to the recommendations has to be the best approach to ensure the safety of all the travelers. Please contact us right away if your report declares positive.

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Personal Protection Requirements

Jet Life Vacations in collaboration with the airline make sure that all the disinfecting standard operating protocols are religiously followed. Similarly, to cooperate with the objective, all the travelers are required to carry/wear/use personal protection equipment during the flight. Wearing masks and having hand sanitizer along with it is mandatory. Furthermore, the seats and all the other activities are planned in a way to ensure social distancing.

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Instructions Throughout The Travel

Covid-19 has made the lives of all the people vulnerable. Even the slightest of a breach in the SOPs issued by the World Health Organization may lead to contact of coronavirus. Therefore, you’re advised to wear a mask throughout the journey and remain in the distance to avoid future inconveniences. Moreover, the coordinator will also accompany you to direct and facilitate you in observance of the SOPs to perfection.

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Regular Temperature Checks

Jet Life Vacations also has the responsibility of taking care of you and removing all the chances for contacting of covid-19. Therefore, most importantly, all the staff members will also be getting tested before the start of the trip. Only the ones with negative results will proceed to your service throughout the trip. We will also be facilitating with hand sanitizers and conducting regular temperature checks following the guidance from WHO.


Although COVID vaccinations are not available to the public right now, travelers still need to consider vaccinations when traveling to certain countries. Listen, we know in this day and age many people do not want any parts of a vaccination but when it is required–well…it’s REQUIRED!

Before traveling the CDC recommends you discuss your itinerary with your health care provider to make sure you get any destination-specific vaccines and medicines, such as a yellow fever vaccine or medicine to prevent malaria.

The CDC Divides Vaccines Into Three Categories:


Vaccines that are recommend for everyone in the United States based on their age, health condition, or other risk factors.


The vaccines that travelers must have in order to enter a country based on that country’s government regulations.


Vaccines that the CDC recommends for travelers to get to protect their health, even though they are not required for entry by the government of the country you are visiting.

The CDC recommends you make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist or your health care provider at least a month prior to travel.

Bottom Line: We love our Jetlife Vacations travelers, and we want you to be healthy as you trot around the globe with us!