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Explorers on the rise, our experienced Getaway Guides are a mixture of undergraduate, graduate, and young professionals with a passion for traveling and hospitality. Their areas of expertise may differ, but their professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail meet the standard to lead our global getaways.

Our getaways are available in the following varieties: group, private, and corporate travel management.

You need not worry at all. Jet Life Vacations offer Flexible Trip Transfers and Refund options for you to remain confident and relaxed about the money you deposit in case of cancellation of trips because of the said issue.

Group getaways connect you with like-mind travelers, to enjoy a curated itinerary packed with culture, transformation, or chill vibes in mind. Get to know yourself a little better or perhaps engage with peers and J.V.T.A. getaway guides. Welcoming the solo travelers, and your closest friends – just hit your group chat.

Private getaways
are exclusively for you and your tribe (with a minimum of 20 guests), tailored to your interests and budget. We curate bespoke getaways for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. Allow us to take the celebration abroad with your closest kin and loved ones.

Corporate Travel Management allows us to lighten your load and manage your company’s travel-related experience from door to boarding and back, we deliver. It’s time to upgrade your travel management, ask us how @ hello@jetlifevacations.com.

We understand challenges may arrive in relation to Covid-19. If something comes up, (such as contracting Covid-19 prior to departure or exhibiting symptoms) we ask that you email us with urgency @ hello@jetlifevacations.com. Please include “COVID-19 SUPPORT” in the subject and the getaway location and date for our reference.

The payments you deposit to us for your trip are used to pay for the hotel/residence and activities and other expenses. As you contact us for changing/delaying/transferring your trip to another date by canceling the presently purchased one, we request the vendors for the change/delay or repayment. It is important to note that our control on the policies of vendors is limited, some may entertain, others may not. However, we will give our best to convince and negotiate on your behalf. As we start receiving positive responses hinting that vendors are flexible for the transfer, indeed great news. Afterward, inform us with the next date to plan for the trip.

Although we HIGHLY encourage you to get travel insurance, we do offer flexible trip transfers and refund options (when possible). Allow us to review the details of your upcoming getaway and share the best options we have to make sure you are healthy, happy, and satisfied.

Sure, email us @ hello@jetlifevacations.com and share your getaway location, date, and details regarding your change or upgrade request. A J.V.T.A. team member will review the circumstances and provide feedback on the next steps.

Please note, when you change or transfer your getaway, you, therefore, cancel the presently purchased one which impacts our partners who are local small businesses dedicated to their craft. We are unable to offer refunds or changes as it relates to excursions without the consent of our partners. Nevertheless, we will negotiate on your behalf but can not guarantee anything!

It’s thoughtful to keep in mind that our partners are small local businesses that rely upon your tourism and work with a minimum number of travelers per excursion to meet their bottom line. As you can see, we do what’s best for our guests, and partners.

We understand financial stressors can change your plans. Email us @ hello@jetlifevacations.com and gives us a heads up so we can support you as best as we can. Allow a J.V.T.A. team member to review the details and share alternative payment options that may be more feasible.

As you know airlines, weather and global events like a pandemic are completely out of everyone’s control (sigh). In the unlikely event that your getaway is canceled, allow us to soften the disappointment by sharing our “Flexible Travel Policy.” There’s also the option to apply your credit to a private or group getaway, just ask us how @ hello@jetlifevactions.com.

We recommend our insurance partner, (insert the embedded link).

Customarily trip cancellations are covered by standard travel insurance policies. The insurer compensates for the travel cancellation or interruption for events beyond your control (which are specified in the policy). A few examples may be, unfriendly weather, natural disaster, and illness which are typically covered by most insurance companies under travel cancellation or travel interruption.

Travel Insight: For an added cost add the “cancel for any reason,” option to your travel insurance plan. Your insurer will honor the cancellation or interruption, which includes COVID-19.

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